March 10th: Edward Baker Lincoln Is Born

March 10, 2023

Edward Baker Lincoln was the second son of Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln. He was born on March 10, 1846, in Springfield, Illinois, and tragically died at the young age of 3 on February 1, 1850. Edward’s short life was spent in the Illinois Governor’s Mansion, where his father was serving as the state’s governor. Despite his brief existence, Edward’s death had a profound impact on his parents, particularly his father, who was known to openly weep at his son’s funeral.

The death of their son was devastating for Abraham and Mary Lincoln. In the aftermath of Edward’s death, his father was said to have been inconsolable. A week after his passing, an anonymous poem titled, “Little Eddie”, was published in the Illinois Daily Journal. The text is as follows:

“Those midnight stars are sadly dimmed,

That late so brilliantly shone,

And the crimson tinge from cheek and lip,

With the heart’s warm life has flown—

The angel death was hovering nigh,

And the lovely boy was called to die.

The silken waves of his glossy hair

Lie still over his marble brow,

And the pallid lip and pearly cheek

The presence of Death avow.

Pure little bud in kindness given,

In mercy taken to bloom in heaven.

Happier far is the angel child

With the harp and the crown of gold,

Who warbles now at the Saviour’s feet

The glories to us untold.

Eddie, meet blossom of heavenly love,

Dwells in the spirit-world above.

Angel boy—fare thee well, farewell

Sweet Eddie, we bid thee adieu!

Affection’s wail cannot reach thee now

Deep though it be, and true.

Bright is the home to him now given,

For “of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Today, Edward Lincoln is remembered as a tragic figure in the history of the Lincoln family. Despite his short life, his memory lives on through the many biographies and historical accounts of his famous father.


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