February 13th: Dr. Jules Piccus and Dr. Ladislao Reti Announce the Discovery of the Madrid Codices by Leonardo da Vinci in The National Library of Spain

February 13, 2023

The Madrid Codices, also known as the Codex Madrid, is a collection of manuscripts written by the legendary Renaissance artist and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci. On February 13, 1967, University of Massachusetts in Amherst professor Dr. Jules Piccus, together with colleague Ladislao Reti, announced Piccus’ discovery of the codices in the National Library of Spain two years before. The codices were previously believed to have been lost forever.  The discovery of the codices was a major event in the world of art and science as they contained many of Leonardo’s ideas and sketches, which had been previously unknown.

The codices consist of over 700 pages and cover a wide range of topics, from anatomy and botany to engineering and physics. The manuscripts reveal Leonardo’s incredible curiosity and his desire to understand the natural world. The pages are filled with drawings and notes that show the artist’s keen eye for detail and his creative approach to problem-solving.

The discovery of the Madrid Codices was a major turning point in the study of Leonardo da Vinci’s work. The manuscripts provided new insights into the artist’s life and work, and helped to deepen our understanding of the Renaissance period. They also gave us a glimpse into the mind of one of the greatest geniuses of all time, and helped to shed light on the scientific and artistic innovations of the time.

In the years since the discovery of the Madrid Codices, they have been the subject of numerous studies and have been displayed in exhibitions around the world. They are considered some of the most valuable and important artifacts in the world of art and science and are a testament to Leonardo’s enduring legacy as one of the greatest artists and inventors in history.





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